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Rules & Regulations

Boats/Motors/Life Preservers

• No use of boats other than fishing boats no longer that 16 ft.
• Started boat motors shall not exceed 5 HP.
• All persons in boats must wear approved life preservers, life vests,
   or other similar approved equipment.

• Vehicles and boat trailers shall be parked where indicated by owner(s).
• No use of motorcycles or any type of all-terrain vehicles around lake area.
   Handicapped exceptions may be allowed by owner(s) with prior arrangements.

• No fishing off of high banks for safety reasons,
   due to erosion and possible landslides.
• No boating within 25 ft. of the high banks.
• No use of trot lines
All Bass and Catfish between 15" and 18" in length which are caught from the lake
   must be released back into lake.
• All Bass and Catfish between 10" and 14" in length may be kept. 
• There is no size limit on all other species.
• There is a Keeping Limit of five (5) Catfish and five (5) Bass per day per person.
• Owner(s) shall have the right to inspect fish in possession of the Member or
   the Member's party.

• No firearms on lake or lake area.
• No fireworks on lake or lake area.
• No bow and arrows on lake or lake area.
• No unsafe or toxic materials on lake or lake area.

• No pets will be allowed on lake or lake area.
Handicapped exceptions may be allowed
   by owner(s) with prior arrangements.

• No littering around lake or lake area. All trash is to be placed
   in trash receptacles.

• No conduct which unreasonably disturbs other Members and/or
   their parties, or which is dangerous or likely to cause a danger to any person
   utilizing the lake or lake area.

• No campfire, cooking fire, or other fire built or maintained by any person
   utilizing the lake area without the express, advance consent of the owner(s).
• Any permitted fire shall be properly attended, and after use, be completely put out.

Alcohol And Tabacco
• Absolutely no alcohol or intoxicating beverages or illigal drugs allowed on the premises.
• This is a non-smoking facility. Please respect this!

• Any person in violation of rules and restrictions is subject to expulsion from lake
   or lake area; may be denied subsequent re-entry into lake area;
   and/or may have his or her membership revoked.
• Upon revocation of membership, all fees paid are forfeited.
• Violation matters are at sole discretion of the owner(s).
• Anything herein to the contrary notwithstanding, Owner(s) reserve the right to expel
   any person from the property at any time or for any reason.

Upon Sign-Up
• Each new member is required to sign a membership form that signifies
   that he or she understands the above terms and agrees to abide by all of them.