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Grandpa's Greasy Tractor Project

Grandpa, is your greasy tractor fixed yet?
This is the question that comes up every time Christian calls and talks to his Grandpa ("The" Donald D. Ayre) over the phone.

While we do our usual evening Internet surfing of Gas Tractors, Steam Tractors, Diesel & Steam Trains and the ThresherShow.Org website, Christian always wants me to click a few keys and show him Grandpa's Greasy Tractor. This just hasn't been possible until NOW!

So Grandpa..., please keep the new updated photos coming our way so we can post them to your mother-unapproved, greasy project webpage.
:) Dyrek

A few months ago, Aaron and Caleb made a two-week trip to visit their Grandma & Grandpa. While they were there, they laid some "smack down" on Grandpa's Greasy Tractor project and FINISHED IT!! Great Job you guys!